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3 Ways to Get Sand Off Your Feet After a Day at the Beach

Jul 24, 2015

Tired of tracking sand into your car or home after a day at the beach? No matter how hard you try to remove the grainy stuff from your feet, it can be infuriatingly stubborn. Here are three tips to help minimize the trouble sand causes. Baby powder or flour – Seriously! Take along a bottle […]

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Keep Pets Safe during Hot Weather

Jul 02, 2015

As your fun-in-the-sun hits high gear this season, it’s easy to forget that pets need special attention during warmer days. Whether you’re taking them along on a summer activity or letting them stay outdoors longer, remember to keep their safety in mind. Never leave your pet in the car It’s never safe, even for a […]

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5 Healthy Drinks to Keep You Cool This Summer

Jun 19, 2015

One way to keep cool when the temperatures rise is to grab a refreshing, ice cold drink. If you want some healthy options to quench your thirst, here are some drinks to try this summer. Melon Puree Melons are a good source of vitamin C. How to make: Slice honeydew melon or cantaloupe Blend until […]

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Who Doesn’t Like a New Pair of Shoes?

Apr 10, 2015

No matter what activity you participate in – puttering in your garden, attending a power meeting, heading out for a night on the town – you go to your closet and pick the right pair of shoes. Sometimes it doesn’t matter which pair you choose, you grab a pair and head out the door. But […]

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Today is National Goof Off Day

Mar 22, 2015

That’s right, we have a legitimate reason to break our routine, be silly and procrastinate. For one day, avoid the “musts” and “shoulds” of your life and give yourself permission to play. It’s good for you. Really. It’s widely accepted that goofing off can relieve stress, increase productivity and improve our normal activities. Your rejuvenation […]

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